No to the sunmit chair!

by Zachswc,

Hi there my name is Zach and I have been a seasons pass holder for the last 5 years and have skied at Louise for the last 15, I love Louise because of the terrain it offers and quite abit less busy than sunshine so it makes it worth driving the extra half an hour from Calgary. I was looking over the new lift situation and everything looks great the only thing that I wasn’t too happy about was the summit chair, one of my favourite memories as a kid was facing that summit platter head on and taking that to the top of the mountain, it almost gave you a sense of accomplishment and brought you to the true peak of Louise where you could get powdery turns all day. I believe that adding that summit chair will take away from the great terrain that is up there and make it accessible to people who normally wouldn’t be up there which I believe is the goal you guys have in mind but it would be nice for the more experienced riders to have a place to go where you know the riding is good and not to mention it’s pretty sweet when you are loading on the Poma and you see the sign that says “experts only.”

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