Great times at Lake Louise Ski Area

by Tobyw,

Hello Lake Louise Ski Area community and stakeholders -

Where I’m coming from:

I support the Long Range Plan (LRP) as proposed by Lake Louise Ski Area (LLSA) that I read on their web site today,

The LRP balances the spectrum of opinions on the future direction of LLSA and provides a well explained set of changes, with reasons, LLSA would implement over the next ten to fifteen years.

I like all the changes listed.

My stories and experiences about the Lake Louise Ski Area:

My first ski visit was with aski club from work in the spring in the late 1970’s.  I came from the east coast of the US and discovered some real western mountains and serious snow... what a new experience!

My family and friends have subsequently been skiing at the Lake for decades of winters.  My brother and I have been the most consistent visitors and have seriously enjoyed every annual ski trip; it has been great fun to introduce others in our family and circle of skiers to Lake Louise.  We have grown to cherish this Ski Area, it’s natural environment, the many “locals” from the provinces of Canada and it’s diverse visitors from all over the globe.  It is truly a magical place!

I have so many favorite memories... a deep powder day when the rope is lifted on Whitehorn after two days of closure, tree skiing in the glades off Ptarmigan, bluebird photo days where one run takes an hour and everyone abandons me, stormy and cold days with breaks in warming huts and lodges, getting lost in a new-to-me area on the mountain... then discovering where it ends up, unanticipated “equipment shows” under the lift that generate applause, the variety of terrain, bright sun doggies in the sky, spring skiing days that create raccoon tans, crowded and uncrowded slopes, nights at the cafe of the newly built Hostel and in the OutPost after downhill skiing, -40deg “rest days” spent cross country skiing up the tram line from the village to the Chateau, ..... probably these are memories similarly captured by other Lake skiers.

I seriously appreciate everyone who works on the hill and ensures our skiing experience is excellent  - from lifties and night grooming teams to the bar and restaurant staff, to ski patrol and ski friends, to folks in equipment rental and repair, shops, admin, management and the many “volunteer consultants” who offer up great suggestions.  As you can expect I simply can’t list everyone who contributes... but I thank each and every one of you!

Please keep improving the Lake with all the new ideas from your many fervent sources. 

Given all my favorite memories from previous trips, perhaps my best memory of Lake Louise is the one I hope have this coming winter ski trip!

Many thanks,

- Toby Widdicombe

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