Been skiing Lake Louise since Mid 1970's.

by Gord Deck,

I have been an avid winter user at Lake Louise for a long time and have seen many changes over the years.  Attending the public meetings about the new vision for the area has excited me tremendously.  I am totally in favour of the new changes that were presented and look forward to seeing them come to reality.  Having done some skiing in Europe and the US coming home and spending time at Louise always brings a big smile.  Too many stories to remember and tell but I can say one thing, every day spend during the winter has always had a storey to go with it.  I applaud the work that has gone into the new vision and am in full support of the future plan.  The mountain will now attract all skiers at all levels.  Bringing back the old Olympic chair and the Eagle chair was wonderful to see.  Good luck on your next steps.  Get 'er done!!!!!!!!!!!!

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