Wildlife Protection

Our proposed Long-Range Plan will protect and enhance wildlife habitat, movement pathways and monitoring. Significantly recognized, are species assigned special protection status, whether by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada, by the Species at Risk Act, or by Parks Canada.

Wildlife will benefit from the reduced lease area footprint and the return of high-value wildlife habitat to protected wilderness designation, as well as from winter and summer use considerations. For example, by developing the proposed new mountain-top lodge and moving summer activity away from Whitehorn Lodge and mid-mountain, this will significantly protect important, high-quality habitat for grizzly bears and other wildlife.

Other improvements on the mountain, at the base area, and for the Whitehorn Wildlife Corridor, relate to such aspects as ski run and hiking trail design, noise and lighting considerations, the elimination of parking on Whitehorn Road and a wildlife underpass.

On an ongoing basis, wildlife will be accorded for via best practices for responsible wildlife management and by specific tactics in the Environmental Management Strategy. The proposed Long-Range Plan also attaches The Lake Louise Ski Area Wildlife Protection and Management Strategy. These will be ‘living documents’ that support a consistent, ‘big picture,’ long-term approach to wildlife management.

Our goal with these wildlife management initiatives is to demonstrate leadership in environmental management, stewardship, monitoring and best practices.
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