Water Management and Snowmaking

Our water management strategy in the Long-Range Plan will make sure the water supply remains reliable and sustainable and incorporates solid environmental gains. Protecting aquatic resources and species is key, particularly Westslope Cutthroat Trout, per the Species at Risk Act, and Bull Trout, per the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada.

The strategy is closely linked to a Snowmaking Infrastructure Plan. Snowmaking is critical for skier safety and enjoyment, and protection of soils and surface vegetation. The water withdrawal system for snowmaking also supplies the drinking water for the ski area and water to fight building and forest fires

Two proposed water reservoirs, and the addition of the “4-2 Well Site” groundwater wells in the Hamlet of Lake Louise as an alternate water supply, will help achieve environmental gains. The reservoirs would be filled during periods with highest run-off to ensure fish habitat remains optimal, benefitting Corral Creek and the Pipestone River. We are also putting forward additional, much-needed projects to improve firefighting capabilities. Upgrades to the snowmaking system with newer and more efficient equipment will allow us to cover terrain faster and more efficiently, using less water and power. Other potential projects relate to riparian habitat restoration, sediment and erosion control projects and culvert upgrades to improve fish habitat conditions within the ski area.

A map of our existing and proposed snowmaking areas is available to download here.

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